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Chords: warmPloing
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Nature: forestBird
Noise: ringTone
Sounds: spaceRace
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NoiseLoops: shuntingTrack
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FlashPro Mailing list for Flash professionals, founded in 1998 by Mike S. Krischker, the author of this site.

Muinar Internet Studios, home of the company that runs this website (in German).

AS Actionscripts Recommended AS resource with News, Forum and Reviews.

WebPro Mailing List for professional webdesigners.

<Thanks for your service. It has been very useful.> - C. Henneke, US-Chicago IL

Professional Flash Sounds

It can take hours to find the right royalty-free sound files for your professional Flash projects. Flash Sounds gives you a time-saving, easy-to-use solution: Sign up now and you gain immediate access to all the quality sounds of our library.

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What is this?
Flash Sounds is a library of royalty-free, high-quality sounds created for professional Flash developers like yourself. We have a fast, easy-to-use interface that will help you gain valuable time when searching for the perfect sounds.
What is it not?
It is not one of those mixed-quality sites where you lose hours searching for the right sounds.
Can I use the sounds for my customer's websites?
That's what they're made for! Impress your clients and earn good money using these sounds for your website or multimedia project. You may not resell our sounds 'as is'. To be sure on the details, please read the license agreement.
Can we order custom sounds?
Currently we don't produce custom sounds. But we will gladly read your suggestions and you may hear them in a future update.
How much does this cost and when will my credit card be charged?
For a one-time setup fee of us$ 8.77 and a monthly recurring fee of us$ 8.77, you gain access to the whole sounds library. If you sign up today, the first charge will usually be dated 09 Jul 08. The next charge will be after 09 Aug 08, and then every month until you cancel the service. 'Muinar Internet Studios' will be listed as the company issuing the charge on your statement.
When can I quit the service, and how?
You can quit at any time by clicking on a link in your welcome message or at this page.
Sounds great, how can I sign up now?
Just use the secure signup page to access the whole library in minutes.
Who are you anyway?
Muinar Internet Studios is a web design firm located in Switzerland. We partner with freelancers in the United States and other countries. Mike S. Krischker, owner of Muinar, is the founder of the famous FlashPro mailing list (1998) for professional Flash designers and developers.
Do you have a referral program?
Yes, start earning free months today, it's easy!
Where are your members coming from?
The map below shows where our members are located (last update Jul 08).

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